Being in a friend zone is a normal thing and it has happened to almost everyone. However, getting out of it may be difficult as it will need immense courage. In most cases, it is easy to get out it for a guy than it is for a girl.

This is because, a man can make a move and ask the question or simply confess. For a lady, it may take guts and a lot of time before she can settle for a confession. Either way, being in the friend zone can attract confusion, heartache and discomfort when hanging out with the person. From a girl’s point of view, below are the tips on how to get out the friend zone:

Get yourself busy with other things

You will have to make him miss you. As long as you hang out with him, all the time, you will not be able to make him notice you. You have to find something to do that is not with him. After a few weeks, he will realize that something is amiss in his life. If he has any shred of feelings towards you, he will make a point of reaching out. If not, then you will know, and then you will be out the friend zone.

Do some activities together

You have to get him alone, away from his boys. Men tend to be casual when they are hanging out with their friends and this can get in the way of what you want to achieve. If his friends are your friends, then you might as well be one of his friends. You should try and single him out of the friends group so that you can hang out with him one on one. Allow him to help you out with some of the activities and vice versa, so that you can bond and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. He will appreciate your flaws and strengths with time.

Start flirting with him

Flirting is not only reserved for men. Even women can flirt to drive a point or give out a signal. However, you have to be clever about it and avoid going straight to the point. You do not want to sound like a serial flirt. You can complement his attire, shoes, hairstyle or smile. This will make him think and if he gets the picture, he might make the move. Flirting helps to evoke some feelings that he may have towards you, but does not know how to bring them out.

Start dating other men and be open

Men are naturally jealous and if you are dating other men, then he will be just that. You can be casual about it and dress like you are going on a date. Let him see how you look and inform him where you are headed to. This will spark some emotions and feelings if the man is interested in you. The element of jealous will kick in and he will start criticizing your dating life and that is where you get to learn of his intentions. However, if he supports your dating life, then he considers you as just a friend, but at least you will be out of the friend zone.

Engage him emotionally

It helps to know the softer side of the guy you are in the friend zone with. When it comes to emotional feelings, you have to get him alone. You can choose to invite him on a date and then discuss past relationships. This will definitely spark something, if he has feelings for you. Get him to open up about his life, that not so many people know about. If he invites you to his dark side, then he trusts you enough and probably has feelings for you. At this point, it will be easy for you to also open up to him, which could amount to a confession.

Confess how you feel

It should be the last resort, after you have tried everything else and failed. A confession seals your fate in the friend zone. You will either realize that both of you had feelings for each other or you were the only one who had the feelings. Either way, you will be out of the friend zone. Be bold about it and go straight to the point. However, you should be alone with him on this and set the mood right.

The longer you allow yourself to be in the friend zone, the harder it will be to get out. Most people who find themselves in such a situation find it hard to talk about it to the other person, for fear of ruining the friendship. This is especially the case for a shy person. However, with the right approach, you will be able to get out the friend zone, in one piece.


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