As parents, you will do many things to keep your baby comfortable at night. You will always take steps so that your baby can feel comfortable, have a good meal at night and sleep well. After doing all the things, your baby can wake up at night too. But why? The baby might pee through diapers and it is feeling uncomfortable.

Pee through diapers at night makes your baby wet and feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is one of the most frustrating time for the parents. You will have to wake up to change the diaper and make your baby sleep again. So, you need some effective tips to stop a baby from peeing through diapers at night. Here are the tips-

Limit Liquids at Night

It is important to limit liquids to your baby. You should give water at least three hours before sleeping. However, limiting water does not mean you will keep the baby thirsty.

In case your baby becomes thirsty, offer water. Otherwise, you should stop liquid items before three hours. It will help to stop peeing through diapers at night.

Change the Diapers at the Right Time

It is important to change the diapers at night before sleeping. The dry and fresh diaper will help your baby to sleep easily. Moreover, it will help to give a comfortable diaper to wear.

If you have started potty training, you need to make sitting on the potty at night. Your baby may not want to pee, but, it will help to encourage them. Moreover, it will make a routine time for the baby to pee. As a result, your baby will empty the bladder before sleeping.

Use Overnight Diapers

Overnight diapers come with a more padded design to support your baby throughout the night. It is a special design diaper for the mothers who want to support overnight.

You can easily climate nighttime leaking using the overnight diapers. It comes with more padded to absorb liquid of your baby. As a result, your baby will not feel wet and wake up at night.

To find the best overnight diapers, you need to test some of the diaper brands. So, it will help to choose the best overnight diapers to stop leaking.

User Larger Diaper

You can go for a larger diaper at night. It will help to stop leaking at night. If your baby is wearing size 4 diaper regularly, you can use size 5 diaper for nighttime. The larger diaper comes with the more padded design. If the larger diaper is not well-fit, you should avoid it.

Double Diapering For Nighttime

If the single diaper is not working for your baby, you can double up the diapers for a night time. First, you can put a normal size diaper for the baby. Then, go for one size bigger and put it over the diaper. It will help to stop leaking at night. However, you should not go for double up diapers in the summer season.

Start Using Cloth Diapers

A cloth diaper can become a good choice for preventing nighttime leaking. If you are using disposable diapers, you can use cloth diapers for night time. It will increase your effort for cleaning but you can stop leaking.

Cloth diapers come with adjustable absorption capability of diapers. Therefore, it can be the best way to prevent nighttime leaking. You can increase the number of pads for the cloth diaper for preventing a leak.


Now you have the tips to stop a baby from peeing through diapers at night. You can use any of the tips for stop leaking. You need to try all of the tips so that you can understand the best method for you. Make sure that your baby does not feel uncomfortable because of your approach.

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