Top 3 Waterproof Fitness Trackers Under $150

If you are looking to purchase a fitness tracker for swimming, you will need to keep an eye on the waterproof devices that are available in the market. When we are looking for a waterproof fitness tracker, we have to pay attention towards the time that we can stay in water, the depth we can go and the smart features available to track both the swim and our fitness while we are in water. There are few waterproof fitness trackers that are available for you to purchase, which cater the above mentioned requirements. Here are the top 3 fitness trackers for less than $150.

  1. Fitbit Flex 2

    – Fitbit Flex 2 can simply be defined as a waterproof fitness tracker that comes along with excellent waterproof features. It can also be considered as one of the slimmest fitness trackers that can be purchased from the market. This fitness tracker has the ability to track swimming and many other activities such as walking, running and biking. While you are swimming it can count the distance you travel, speed, number of laps and the average speed and strokes that you have per lap. However, you will not be able to find built in heart rate monitoring and GPS in this tracker. You cannot find a display in the Fitbit Flex 2. Instead, there is a row of colorful lights, which blink accordingly to match with your progress. Since the band of this fitness tracker is interchangeable, you will be able to replace it with something that you like. A variety of compatible pendant and bangle accessories are also available for the people who want to spend their money in order to purchase Fitbit Flex 2. This fitness tracker is in a position to deliver accurate measurements and you don’t need to worry about anything.

  1. Swimovate Poolmate Live

    – This is a fitness tracker that is specifically designed for swimmers. It has the ability to count laps, speed, and number of strokes performed per lap, distance travelled, and number of calories burnt automatically. Therefore, you will be able to receive a comprehensive report at the end of the day. The battery life of this fitness tracker is impressive as well and it can last somewhere between 6 to 12 months. The other features that can be found in this fitness tracker include dual time zone compatibility, 12h/24h watch, daily alarm and date and time display. A download clip is offered for data along with Swimovate Poolmate Live. It is compatible with PC or Mac and you will have to purchase at an additional price.

  1. Garmin Swim

    – Garmin Swim can also be considered as a watch that is developed while keeping swimmers in mind. The built-in accelerometer has the ability to track swimming related information in an accurate manner and provide them to you at the end of the day as a report. They include measuring the swimming laps, speed and many other useful metrics. This fitness tracker has been provided with a water proof design as well and you can think about using it in day to day swimming activities without keeping any doubts on mind. The information captured by Garmin Swim while you are swimming is extremely accurate. On the other hand, a clear display is provided to the product in order to make the life easy for you while you are using it in day to day life.

These are some of the waterproof fitness trackers available for swimmers, and for less than 150 bucks.  These devices have the capability to record and provide the necessary data and metrics for a casual or a serious swimmer.  And for those who enjoys training both in the water and on land, there are fitness trackers that are able to monitor the multi kind of workout activities.  But before you choose any kind of activity tracker, do a bit of research and understand the type of fitness watches available in the market.


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