Physiotherapy is a therapy which involves the physical treatment not drugs and medication is ever advised in physiotherapy treatment. The treatment is given to people through movement, exercises and other techniques to help them ease out the pain and increase mobility.  People, who are suffering from any injury, are old age or other ailment which causes pain in muscle or diminish their physical movement, are advised physiotherapy. c. This will heal or minimize the discomfort of the suffering person and get them back on their normal daily routine.

Diagnosis and Treatment

A physical examination is done to access the extent of damage to the body part which is causing pain. On the basis of this examination, further tests may be required. Results of imaging studies like CT scan, X-rays of the affected areas or MRI reports are considered along with physical diagnosis to arrive at a treatment plan. For severe cases electro-diagnostic testing results are also required.

Physiotherapy treatment plan includes manual exercises with or without assistance depending upon severity, massages, use of certain mechanical devices like traction or education, hot or cold compression therapy, administered use of rays, sound waves, radiation or electricity, recommendation to wear certain devices to ease and control pain for example ankle guard, knee guards, etc., prescribe use of orthoses or prostheses.

Benefits and Advantages

With busy work schedules and the kind of lifestyle we all lead, it is important to be mobile and active all the time. Injuries are part of life but overcoming them and recovering back from them is vital so that we remain independent and physically active. The points below chalk out the benefits that one gets from physiotherapy:


  • Speedy and complete/ almost complete recovery – injuries and accidents might force us become immobile and dependent on others for movement. With various physiotherapy techniques, a fast and complete recovery is possible and now that the physiotherapists are within reach, the patients can get maximum benefit. While in some cases where the age factor or in extreme cases where complete recovery is not possible with physiotherapy a person can be made independent and can heal to the highest.  and contribute a lot to ease out the person’s condition as much as possible.
  • Maintain active and healthy lifestyle – everybody wants to be physically active and not depend on others for their daily activities. With physiotherapy one can maintain to be mobile throughout his/ her life. Certain exercises and devices prescribed help us to ease the pain and carry out the various activities. It goes a long way in avoiding disability at a later stage.
  • Help to manage certain chronic conditions – many acute conditions and diseases like asthma or back pain, spondylitis pain can be managed and controlled with regular or periodic physiotherapy. This is much better than taking painkillers to reduce pain which could later lead to side effects and develop other complications.

Expert’s Help is Recommended

While there are many benefits of physiotherapy, it has its harmful effects too, if not done in a proper manner. There are qualified physiotherapists and only they should be approached for help rather than any person claiming to have knowledge on the subject. A wrong treatment or method used might make the pain worse and can lead to more damage in the affected body part. It is also advised not to use any method on your own without proper supervision from an expert. Each problem is treated separately and treatment requirement of every person is specific and different and only a physiotherapist can provide expert guidance depending upon case to case.  Hope this above mentioned information help you to understand the benefits of physiotherapy.


  1. I never knew that physiotherapy can actually help injuries and accident heal faster! Since I am always getting hurt in one way or another, it would be nice to go and have a professional let me know what to do to fix the problem. I will definitely have to look into it and see if it’s something I would need.

  2. I like that you point out that physiotherapy helps manage certain chronic conditions like asthma or back pain. I can understand why this would be something to consider if you have these conditions. My dad has tried a lot of different things to help with his back pain. I’ll have to ask him if he has looked into doing physiotherapy treatment.

  3. You wrote that physiotherapy is a great option for those who were recently inured, as it helps them to properly heal and ensure full use and mobility of the injured part. My sister hurt her knee playing soccer with her friends, and I was wondering what she should do to help it heal properly. If she were to find a good physiotherapist, she could be out playing soccer again like nothing ever happened.

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