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The last night out as a single lady is a rite of passage in a woman’s life. It’s got a lot of expectations to live up to, so it needs to be well organised. Enlist the help of your mom, sisters, and bestfriends to ensure it goes smoothly. Here are some of my top tips.

Invite your best girls

Along with everything else you need to do as soon as you’re engaged, you need to start thinking about who you’d like to be in your wedding party. Surround yourself with positivity and people who love you. Bridesmaids and female family members on both sides are an absolute must. If you’re having a big party then just about any women that you enjoy the company of are welcome. Have your closest girls help you organise the night – it’s a lot to do on your own, and you’re meant to be having fun.

Pick the perfect place

Do you want an activity such as cocktail making or paintballing before your night out? Do you want all the girls to come round to your apartment to get ready together? Which nightclub do you want to end up at? Make sure you’ve got it all arranged, and inform everyone of the itinerary. If you need to book tables for a meal, or any transportation, ensure you’ve done that well in advance.

Choose your dress code

Are you going for fancy dress? If you’re doing a cocktail masterclass then dressing up in beautiful 1920s attire can look really cute. If you’re going paintballing, make sure everyone knows to wear the right gear and bring a change of clothes. Are you going to wear a veil, sash and a tiara? Make sure you let your guests know how you’d like them to dress up.

Get the goodie bags ready

Before the day comes around, put together little goodie bags for each of the girls. Include any candy jewellery and fancy dress items you want to spring on them, and a little gift to thank them for their presence. This is usually the job of the maid of honour.


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Pamper yourself

When the day finally comes around, spend some time alone just getting ready. Head to the spa if you’re feeling particularly stressed, otherwise make the spa at home. Ensure you have a relaxing bath, shave your legs, moisturise, and anything else that makes you feel good. Try for a good razor. Most of all, make sure you’re not rushing.

Play some games

When the girls turn up, have some games on hand that you can play as you get ready. Games such as Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever are sure to get you giggling while you do each other’s hair and put your makeup on.

Polaroid it

Make sure you’ve got a few people on photograph duty. You don’t want to have to keep remember to get your cellphone out to take photographs, so arm a few of your friends with Polaroids or disposable cameras, and let them be in charge of that.

Most of all, just relax and have fun! You only get one shot at your bachelorette party, so make sure you enjoy yourself.

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