How many of the homeowners require crazy paving for the pathways? Probably the number runs in thousands because the home outdoor creates the first impression on the guests. If people are arriving at your home to attend birthday party or functions, the sight of neatly trimmed hedges and embedded blue stone on the driveway might make their mood pleasant. In contrast, a muddy pathway can act as a perfect spoiler to a wonderful evening. Therefore, it is important to use certain tips to make the pathways look stunning.

Why would you install some crazy paving designs?

# Classic look and feel:

The pavement is created by combing the mix of mortar and concrete, as both materials are known to be super durable in all conditions. Once they are laid onto the ground, the sandstones are added to the mix for making them stylish however, care should be taken while choosing the colors.

# Leaded glass:

What if the pathway appears to be made of glass? Well, at least it can be made to look the same with a little bit of innovation. The blue stones are laid on the surface of the pool deck and the outline of the irregular figures is covered by the green grass pattern. The whole ensemble appears to consist of neatly cut glasses joint together at the edges. An aerial shot of the facility may capture the attention of the viewers due to uniqueness and beauty. You can also add this design at your swimming area to reflect the water waves on the exterior parts of your house.

Tips for decorating the pavements:

  • The design of crazy paving can only be restricted by imagination as all in one theme is becoming popular with each passing day. It is a mishmash of flagstones, sandstones, concrete and many more materials to create a rugged appearance of the home outdoors.
  • For decorating the patio, stone planters are installed however the design is fairly streamlined with squares fitted adjacent to each other. In addition, interesting objects are also added to the eclectic mix to make the ambiance more versatile.

Different locations and materials for building the new paving of your house:

# Red brick:

If you are too scared of experimentation, fall back on the tried and tested design themes consisting of red bricks. They play an important role in imparting vintage themes to the outdoors but it is important to make sure that the house resembles a cottage of the yester years. The style is quite famous not only with homeowners but also with some restaurants styled in an old colonial way. It is a traditional style for paving, but still, now people install the red bricks for decorating their paving for some vintage looks.

# Paving on roof terrace:

One of the most innovative ideas is to create paving option on the roof terrace. A small plant protecting the guests from direct sunlight can be complemented by the wooden decking in a simplistic style. It is a wonderful option especially when you are living away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

# Slate walkway:

If you are living in a contemporary home, the slate stones should have a well-defined shape to impart a streamlined appearance to the pathway. People living in cold conditions can install denser stones apart from slate. They can be either blue stones or quartz, however, make sure that the products are durable. Before buying them for the vendor, read the specifications and evaluate the overall cost of paving the pathway.

In short, whatever design you are choosing to make sure that it looks beautiful and compliments the appearance of the home by many notches.

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