Using a drug just to take advantage of one of its side effects can be a dangerous choice to make. Just because taking a pill may result in an outcome that you desire does not mean that the risks of taking the medication should be ignored. One example of such a prescribed drug that people commonly use for purposes outside of what it is intended for is Adderall; the most common reason is to accelerate weight loss. Here is why abusing this type of medication just to feel better about stepping on a scale is such a bad idea: 

Why Adderall Causes Weight Loss

After beginning to take typical-sized doses of Adderall, people usually start to notice a recurring sensation to flush out their bowels over the course of several days. Due to this initial stimulation of the digestive system, they can quickly drop up to five pounds within a couple days. That amount of short-term “success” offers an attractive benefit for any potential users who need a quick fix to their slight excess in belly weight.

Beyond the initial effect, though, the amphetamines in Adderall cause the heart rate of individuals to increase. As a result of this increased heart rate, a person’s metabolism will boost, thereby making it much easier for that person to start shedding pounds. At the same time, users of Adderall typically notice a decrease in cravings to eat and can go all day without even thinking about food. Naturally, this effect also leads to a quick drop in weight.

Addiction Risk

If the benefits came without risks, then this article would have ended after the last paragraph. But the risks are more than real. And the potential for a dangerous outcome is high. What potential users of Adderall must remember is that the drug is a form of speed and is highly addictive.

Although some people claim they can just use the drug a few times over the course of a week in order to tighten their bellies, the fact is that a high percentage of first-time users fall in love with the rush that the pills provide; the downward spiral begins shortly after the love-at-first-try experience. Adderall addiction is a real risk that people must be aware of.


While Adderall stimulates mental activity, it does not have the same effect on a person’s desire to eat. In fact, because of the mental stimulation, people who use the drug often forget about eating entirely until a feeling of weakness sets in from not eating enough.

Because of the decrease in concern about food, users of Adderall have a common tendency not to eat three healthy meals a day. Instead, they often replace meals with candy and sugary snacks. Over the course of a week or a month, failing to have a healthy diet can lead to a wide variety of medical issues.


When users of Adderall stay on the drug for a long period of time without a break, they will start to experience an array of side effects beyond just rapid weight loss. The increase in a person’s mental activity leads to a greater tendency to become irritable.

People who use the drug often develop short tempers in almost any social situation. While the minds of users are racing, the world around them is still rotating at the same speed. This causes users to be in an unnecessary hurry in all sorts of situations. And if someone or something is in their way and slowing them down, it is typical for the users of Adderall to lose their temper.

Social Withdrawal 

Although people who take Adderall may drop some pounds, they may also drop many of their friends; the reason for this is due to the drug’s side effect of making people want to withdraw from social situations. So even though the users of Adderall achieve the weight loss they may have been looking for, they will eventually have no one left in their life with whom to show off their new physiques.

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