Your big day is closing in on you, but you don’t want yet another standard cookie-cutter wedding. Naturally, you search the web for unique or unconventional wedding ideas, but getting your guests to the wedding venue via hot air balloons, and having ushers escort your guests to their seats doesn’t exactly fit your budget. Look no more; here are some cheap, easy and customizable ideas that are guaranteed to make your wedding stand out.

Have a theme

A theme can add a very unique and positive vibe to both the planning and the wedding itself. It ties up the wedding, creates beautiful memories to look back on and is a ton of fun to plan. It can be as simple as choosing an accent colour and then asking all of your guests to dress accordingly, or have a full on   developed theme, like “My secret wish”, “Medieval” or “Steampunk”.

Note of caution: If your theme is too complicated, some guests might find it overwhelming and not come dressed as requested, or worse – not come at all! Sometimes having something as subtle as brightly coloured napkins in an all-white setting can be enough to make your venue stand out.

Control your music

You don’t have to blow your budget by hiring a live band to play at your reception. Hiring a DJ or making a playlist yourself is just as effective and costs half as much. A good idea is to ask your guests to bring with them (or send in advance) some music wishes and play them during the wedding, so everyone can have something they will enjoy. You can also play new music that your guests have never heard before (this is especially good for international weddings), just make sure you mix it up with something familiar as well. And if you want more of a relaxed atmosphere, hiring a smooth jazz band might just be what you are looking for.

Everybody wants to eat

Food is one of the main topics of any wedding, and the wedding planning as well! And whether you’re hiring a caterer or making the food yourself, you can always jazz it up, make it unique and have it be the star of the day – after, of course, the bride. You can make your food in unusual shapes, prepare new food from different countries, or even have a buffet full of wonderful themed bites. Speaking of themed, every guest in that room is going to be waiting for her: the wedding cake! Make yours stand out by giving it a bold colour, a unique shape or a funny figurine couple on top!

Get unique entertainment

Entertainment is a big part of any wedding: everybody wants to laugh, dance and have a great time. Yet somehow, having music that is too loud and repetitive can more often bore and annoy people than provide good entertainment. Alternatives can include: Having all the guests describe the newlyweds in one word; Having fun mini-games like scavenger hunts for kids (or adults!) or little puzzle games printed out on cards on each table; Hire a stand-up comedian through comedy booking agents; Teach the guests a traditional dance from your favourite country or get someone to teach them line dancing!

No matter what you decide to do to make your wedding day special, make sure it reflects you and what you want, no matter what others say. This is your day so own all of your decisions and make it an unforgettable day for both you and for your guests!

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