Everybody dreams of having a perfect wedding surrounded by people they love, a fairytale wedding the guests will praise for being original and remarkable. However, organising a one of a kind wedding is not as easy as it may seem. If you’re fed up with classic and conventional weddings that all look alike, then consider one of these unique wedding venues.

Ice caves and hotels for a winter wonderland

If you’re one of those couples who just can’t get enough of winter, why not get hitched in the ice caves of Canada or Icehotel in Lapland, Sweden? Ice caves are not for everyone, but they are perfect for those daredevil duos who want their wedding photos to be unique and unusual. If you choose an icehotel, then you’re in for some more relaxing time. You can get married literally surrounded by snow and ice. Ice chapel with an ice altar, ice pillars and ice seating covered in reindeer pelts. You can even spend your honeymoon in icy bedrooms for a complete winter wonderland experience.

Amongst the treetops

Boys and girls who never got to grow up, rejoice! You can get married in a treehouse now! If you’ve always dreamed about an intimate fairyland wedding, you can now achieve that by renting a treehouse that overlooks the surrounding woodlands and lakes. They are perfect for small events, and some treehouses can hold up to 24 people! So, if you’ve always dreamed of a wedding in a rustic atmosphere amongst the treetops, this is the perfect option for you. You can even organise a whole weekend full of different activities for your guests such as hiking, bonfires and skinny dipping in a private lake. That’s one wedding I’d love to be invited to!

For all music lovers

This one is only for the most hard-core music lovers. There’s not a wedding venue more exciting and fun than a music festival. If you wish to have a crazy weekend and get married in-between the music acts, then gather your friends and organise an unforgettable wedding at a music festival. Those who love alien landscape, art installations and outlandish music can get married at Burning Man. So, all party maniacs can finally get married in an environment that makes them feel happy and free. No priest wants to hold the ceremony? Don’t worry, you can get a friend to apply for a licence to perform marriage ceremonies and do the legal part themselves. Then it’s back to partying!

Cinderella style

Want to feel like a princess at least on the day of your wedding? Then book an actual castle for your big day! You don’t have to fly to France or Great Britain to feel like a royalty. You can have your fairytale wedding in Sydney in an 1898 sandstone castle called Curzon Hall. Curzon Hall is one of the most beautiful properties of Navarra Venues and it provides luxury interior and magical exterior that will make your wedding simply unforgettable. If you still want to fly to UK, you can get married royalty-style in the home of William and Kate in London. You can book a room, hall or royal garden for a true regal wedding.

National parks or monuments

If you want to save up on some venue decoration and still get the most beautiful wedding photos, then you should consider getting married in your country’s national park or next to a national monument. Want to get married on The Great Wall of China? It’s possible. National parks and monuments can be perfect for casual weddings, but you can also pull off a full-on formal wedding, you just need to do some research. You’ll need a permit, and there will probably be some restrictions when it comes to music, equipment, food and drink, so they are usually better suited for your ceremony only. The rest of the evening you can spend in a more conventional setting.

From the treetops to the icy caves, the choices are practically limitless. As long as you and your partner love each other unconditionally, your wedding venue will be forever remembered as a unique place that marked the beginning of your romantic journey together.

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