Everybody has bad habits. They could be small bad habits, like making a mess every time you make food. They could be bigger bad habits, like drinking or smoking. There are all kinds of bad habits people pick up. Others may not even consider yours bad, but if you dislike them, then you need to work on them. You’ll be much happier when you don’t have these habits plaguing your life. These unusual ways to kick your bad habits might sound silly, but they have been proven to help many people in the same boat as you!


EFT is a method that has been used for years. It’s helped people to cure eating disorders, bad habits, and even things they thought couldn’t be cured – like asthma! Sounds impossible. It might even sound like witchcraft. But you have to try it for yourself to believe it. There are tons of videos online to help you. You can literally cure things that have been bothering you for a long time with this method, and you don’t even need anything special to do it with. It involves tapping certain areas of your body while repeating words and phrases to do with your ailments. Try it and you’ll see!


Visualising is such a powerful tool. Let’s say you want to stop drinking. Visualise what your life would be like without the booze. What would you do? What would you dress like? Would you even buy booze? Visualise your life for 5-10 minutes each day. Make sure you feel the feelings of your new life as you do so. This is another really powerful tool!

Act As If

When you’ve been visualising a while, you should try acting as if too. Don’t just wait for your life to become the way you have it in your visualisation. Start acting like it. Stop buying booze. Start dressing better and taking better care of yourself overall. If you want to act as if you don’t smoke, you might stock up on e liquids. When you act as if, you send your brain a very powerful message.

Unusual Ways To Kick Your Bad Habits1


Become Really Aware Of Your Habit

By becoming really aware of your habit, you can analyse it and try to dissolve it that way. If you have a problem with binge eating, don’t just ignore it and hope it’ll go away. Start writing about it. Write about how you feel while you’re doing it. Even before and after you do it. You’ll begin to notice triggers, and might even be able to stop yourself next time you feel a binge coming on.

Focus On What You Will Do, Not What You Won’t

Instead of saying ‘I won’t eat as much rubbish’, you should say things like ‘I will make healthier food choices’. Even the way you word what you’re going to do is very powerful. We work much better when we focus on the things we say we will do, rather than the things we won’t.

Start Thinking Positively

Positive thinking can solve many things. Internal work can greatly change your external world without you having to do much at all. Try it and see for yourself!


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