Valentine’s day is on the cards and your lady who’s expecting deserves a special gift. Pregnancy is a hard phase that is why women expect gifts much frequently in their pregnancy. She can’t wear the high heels or drink the red wine, so you have to choose her gift keeping her needs for the stage in mind. Otherwise, you might end up choosing an unsafe or impractical gift that may displease her. So for your convenience, I have picked some presents considering various factors those provide extra comfort in sleeping, walking, bathing and other daily activities.

Sleeping Luxury: Snoogle Body Pillow

It is challenging to get a comfortable night sleep for your pregnant lady. You might have noticed her tucking a few pillows, some under her neck, at the back or within both knees to achieve a comfortable position for her womb and spine. This can be annoying while shifting side or a trip to the washroom and she has to rearrange the pillows to get the perfect setup.

You must have thought of a single solution to all these discomforts. To your surprise, yes Pregnancy Pillow is the answer. Just one pillow for any position. The ‘C’ shape pillow easily wraps around the body and makes easy to switch sides. With no stress of getting up and recreating the pattern back from the bathroom, it helps to take a painless sleep. In addition, this pillow can be used for six different positions.

Comfy Walks: Tempur-Pedic Slippers

During pregnancy the body keeps changing the center of gravity, resulting in pain in the lower back due to additional strain. Sometimes the feet even swell which make walking difficult. Doctors advise,  walking is a necessary exercise for pregnant ladies. Hence you can buy the right pair of slippers for walking at home or morning/evening walks. You can opt for tempur-pedic slippers.

Professional Comfort: Professional Tooled Clogs

The stress is the same as above but one can’t wear bathroom slippers at work. If your wife is pregnant and works as well then this can be an ideal choice to gift her a nice pair of professional shoes. They are known as ‘tooled clogs’ that you might have seen worn by nurses and waitresses. They are comfortable for everyday wear as well as in business meetings or parties.

Bathing Pleasure: Bath Bombs

Bathing is as important as nourishing the womb which is required to do every day. For a pregnant woman, it can be a time taking process. To ease her experience, bath bombs can be really helpful. They are balls of dry ingredients which turn into foam when wet. They add scent, color, bubbles and essential oils to bathwater. Bath bombs are lavished with different soothing scents like moonlight rose, cucumber melon, lavender, grapefruit tangerine, vanilla etc. You can easily shop for a set of 6 or 8 bath bombs which tend to be another perfect present for this valentine.

Belly Fun: Baby Bump Belly Stickers

Pregnancy in the third trimester can be stressful. You can help her by adding some fun to it. Baby bump belly stickers are a great way of expressing the bump. If she is active on facebook or instagramming every stage of her pregnancy, belly stickers are amazing. They will also add up to the pregnancy photoshoot. You get 10 random sheets of stickers with different elements to form a face so you can be creative at the same time while placing the elements like lips, eyes, tongue etc. on the belly bump.

We hope our suggestions help you make your mind in buying a meaningful gift this valentine.


Author Bio:

Garry working as a marketing manager at SleepSherpa. I’ve shared latest Valentine’s day Gift ideas for Pregnant Women that can help her feel comfortable and relaxed during those difficult days.


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