Incontinence products for women are specially designed to be worn inside underwear when they are prone to urinary leak while running or jumping.  Urinary Incontinence products for women are designed in a way that it protects from the front where it is required maximum, and tapers in the back and becomes invisible from behind in a way that refrain you from feeling bulky from behind.

Incontinence products for women are being commonly used and designed to fit a women’s anatomy without making them feel uncomfortable and they feel confident and secure while performing their regular routine including household chores. This precaution helps to lead a carefree life with regard to hindrance that is caused by the overactive bladder or any condition associated with leakage.

The incontinence conditions are mainly faced by women. It is not surprising that the large ratio of women faces urine leakage at some point of their lives. As there are more physical changes that occur in women’s body as compared to men like pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. This is one of the main reasons that women are more prone to suffering from incontinence issues as compared to men.

The most reasonable explanation for female incontinence is stress urinary incontinence or SUI. Usually this happens when the bladder leaks unexpectedly because of pressure from physical exertion which can be heavy lifting, or rigorous exercising and sometimes even minute actions such as coughing, sneezing and laughing might cause leakage of the bladder. The root cause of SUI is weakened pelvic floor muscles. However, the leakage can be small, but can be significant.


The other cause of incontinence could be overactive bladder – with symptoms of urgency and frequency that make it hard to go to the bathroom in time.  A consultation from a doctor is important when dealing with incontinence. It is an unavoidable phase of aging and proper evaluation from doctors with regard to symptoms and condition or symptoms turning into condition are necessary. Doctors will provide you advice with necessary precautions and cure to manage it.  Let us take a look into various incontinence products for women:

  • The degree of incontinency determines the product that should be used by women while dealing with this problem.
  • Light incontinency could be dealt with by using disposable incontinence pads and liners that can absorb few drops of urine that require light absorbency needs. These are also designed to keep you dry while it locks liquid, and can be adjusted accordingly to cater to your body shape and size.
  • Reusable incontinence underwear is what will make you feel just the same like you are wearing your regular pair of underwear. The outer material of the reusable underwear is made of soft cotton with blended layers inside. This undergarment is capable of retaining and absorbing six ounces of liquid and can be reused a number of times close to a hundred. It has the capability to pull liquid away from your skin and keep you dry while controlling odor.
  • Disposable Incontinence underwear for women are capable of fulfilling high absorbency needs, pull- up disposable briefs and adult disposable diapers with tab closures are top choices- as they can hold two cups of urine. Many active women prefer wearing pull up briefs as they are easier to put on and quick to change. These also meet the care- takers convenience demands to put on and change especially when the wearer has limited mobility. They are designed to look and feel as if a person is wearing regular underwear and is best suitable for moderate to heavy bladder weakness.

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