Vegans face a lot of struggles. First, it’s not easy to find ingredients or products that have zero animal-based components. Secondly, finding a recipe that doesn’t include eggs can turn into a mission impossible. It’s time to cheer up now because there are many ways you can eat super delicious meals that contain no eggs. Even better, you can always use one of many egg substitutes that even PETA website swears by. To inspire you to make excellent meals, this article features seven yummy egg-free recipes that you’ll love to make every day. Plus, they’re super easy, meaning you don’t need advanced culinary skills to make them.

  1. Super easy breakfast sandwiches

Who doesn’t like a nice and delicious sandwich? The problem is, average sandwiches that people make are packed with harmful ingredients that have little to no nutritional value. Why accept that? A major benefit of these vegan breakfast sandwiches is that they are incredibly healthy, contain different food items that deliver different nutrients, and help you feel full and eat tasty food without gaining weight.

To make these sandwiches, you’ll need English muffin, protein sources in the form of tofu, and vegetables such as butter lettuce leaves, tomato, and let’s not forget that recipe also contains super healthy and versatile avocado. Get the full recipe here.

  1. Egg-free omelet

Most vegans struggle to give up eggs. The reason for that is because eggs are usually featured in most foods you used to eat. The chances are high you loved eating an omelet, but after started following vegan diet and Glozine lifestyle, you have been wondering if there’s any way you can make this meal vegan style. Good news is: there’s a way. Even better news is: it’s very easy.

The recipe includes easy-to-find ingredients like hummus, garlic, tofu, fresh herbs, nutritional yeast, and others. Another fantastic reason to make this omelet is that it takes 30 minutes or less to have this nutritional power bomb on your plate. Get the full recipe here.

  1. Breakfast burritos with tandoori-spiced scramble

This meal has it all; potatoes (who doesn’t like potatoes?), spices, tofu, a vegan broth that enhances the flavor of other ingredients, mushrooms, scallions, and other healthy items. It’s important to mention that this recipe also features ginger which has tremendous health benefits. For example, the Arthritis and Rheumatism Journal published a study which showed that ginger is beneficial for individuals with osteoarthritis. There’s growing body of evidence suggesting ginger can help with different types of arthritis. Get the full recipe here.

  1. Deviled Potatoes

Did you know that eggs can contribute to oily skin? Why? It’s because most eggs in the stores today are non-organic and come from poultry fed hormones. This disrupts the hormonal activity in the body. All these seemingly unimportant changes can stimulate the production of sebum.

Deviled potatoes recipe is, in fact, a healthier spin-off of deviled eggs. To make this impressive meal, you need to bake potatoes for 30 minutes, scoop insides when they cool off and mix with ingredients such as vegan mayo, mustard, and seasonings. Get the full recipe here.

  1. Roasted potato and caramelized onion frittata

Have you ever felt like you were too tired to cook or spend too much time in the kitchen, but at the same time you wanted to eat a homemade meal? We all feel that way from time to time. Eating homemade meals is always a better decision than going out to eat, particularly if you’re exhausted. There’s an easy solution – just make a frittata. Vegan frittatas are the best!

To make roasted potato and caramelized onion frittata, you’ll need tofu, red potatoes, onions, spinach, thyme, spices, and other nutrient-dense but delicious ingredients. Get the full recipe here.

  1. Spinach and mushroom mini quiches

Vegan quiche is everything you want in a meal; it’s easy to make, healthy, suitable for different occasions (even for holidays), and you don’t have to spend too much time slaving off in the kitchen. Besides two star ingredients (spinach and mushroom), you’ll also need tofu, almond milk, herbs, coconut oil, tomato, onion, to make this meal. Get the full recipe here.

  1. Soy-free eggs benedict

So far, soy was used as a substitution for egg, but this recipe is all about the chickpea flour. Nope, your eyes didn’t deceive you. You’ll be amazed when you realize how delicious this meal is without the most common egg replacement in the world. To make this extraordinary version of eggs Benedict, you’ll need chickpea flour, spices, olive oil, cashews, nutritional yeast, and so on. Get the recipe here.


One can never have too much “cooking inspiration”. There always comes the time when we don’t know what to make and for vegans, it gets even tougher. This article showed you how to make delicious meals without eggs, and the best thing is, they’re very simple and don’t require spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Try making at least one of these super healthy meals and your palate and body will thank you.

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