Judo is one of the oldest martial arts form that originated in Japan in the 1800s. This art form lacks strikes of any kind as it is mostly dependent on throws and chokes. Most people see it as a violent art form where you are throwing an individual here and there. But in reality, it is self-defence.

Not only it is easy to learn; but if you keep practising this art form, you will experience many potential benefits in your life.

1- Judo Teaches Life Values

Judo is more than just a self-defence art form; it teaches life values and educates people to be better human beings. It starts with the two opponents bowing at each other, showing their respect (Great life lesson in life to learn). When you move, your hands and legs move in a coordinated manner, teaching us balance. When you further move and learn new techniques, you will get to know about Randori, which is a technique that resembles the game of chess.

There will be moments that you will be pinned down and forced to give up, but those situations will motivate you to study and apply your knowledge. Furthermore, this martial arts form will challenge you to work your body and mind together to conquer challenges. 

2- Judo Gives your Body a Total Workout

Considering the present scenario, being fit has become a lifestyle. There are so many things that people are following to live a healthy life. From going organic to regular exercise, the definition of healthy living has changed. However, people are blindly following the routines that they even don’t know will work for them. They are achieving certain fitness goals like gaining muscles and all, but in the meantime, they lack the strength they need to endure. Judo is one sport that offers all-round fitness.

When you enter a judo studio, you will see people of all ages performing the forms. This is because the forms of judo can be fine-tuned depending on the age of the performer. Hence, there is a community behind it, and practising the art form becomes a part of your functional fitness requirements.

3- Judo Teaches you to Work with Others 

What makes judo an influential sport is that you practice the forms and skills on others. Hence, it teaches you self-control. You will learn to work with other people regardless of their background, colour, or creed, thus bringing people together. Even if you become a professional judo player, you will interact with people from different parts of the world, and even train with them. So, if you want to learn self-discipline and self-control, judo is the best bet for you. Judo is also known to improve one’s self-confidence while gaining physical strength and mental stability.

Judo is especially popular amongst women as it is all about defending yourself. Famous personalities like MMA sensations Ronda Rousey and Fedor Emelianenko have translated their Judo art form into mixed-martial arts and have won many titles and accolades.

There are many versions to judo categorised by BELTS. If you think that you have the girth and temperament to learn one of the oldest forms of martial arts, then you should not wait. Join your local youth club to see if they offer classes.

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