2019 is here and I’m sure you’ve set your resolutions! It can be really hard to stay motivated throughout the year, you’re back to work and can easily settle into old routines. I’m here to give some advice on ways you can stay healthy in the new year! It’s best to make a plan and find fun ways to stay healthy all year round:


In January, it’s pretty easy to be motivated to hit your health-related resolutions. Whether it’s beginning a workout routine, tracking your caloric intake or meditating more; it’s easy to surround yourself with like-minded people at the beginning of the new year. Here are some tips on how to stay focused on hitting the goals you set for yourself in 2019! That way, as the year progresses, you can focus on other aspects of your health.

  1. Write things down – It’s been proven that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. So, even if it feels silly, take time to write down your goals for 2019 and keep them somewhere safe so you can remind yourself of them often.
  2. Make a plan and track progress – Having a plan of attack will make it much more feasible to hit your goal. For example, if your goal is to lose 50 pounds, that’s awesome! But if you don’t have a plan to get there, then it can seem really overwhelming. Instead, make a plan to move your body every day and have healthier food choices around you. Then, track your progress by weighing yourself and or taking pictures of your body on a weekly basis.
  3. Make it enjoyable – When it comes to lifestyle changes related to health, it’s important to ensure you’re still enjoying your life. If you cut out all of the foods you like and join a gym you hate, you will never stick with it! Don’t completely deprive yourself of foods that make you happy and do exercise you enjoy; that could be going for a walk, rollerblading or even swimming.


There are plenty of opportunities in February to stay focused on your goals. Firstly, February is American Heart Month (sponsored by Million Hearts)! 1 in 3 Americans have high blood pressure, so take this time to focus on your heart health, which luckily goes hand-in-hand with many common health goals people set for themselves. Exercising and a healthy diet are two huge factors in lowering blood pressure. Kick it up a notch this month by making an appointment with your physician. Get your blood pressure checked and ask for tips on how to keep it at a healthy level. Doing small and easy tasks to help keep you healthy will make you feel accomplished!

We all know that February is heavily focused on Valentine’s Day, the holiday decorations are already in stores after Christmas! It’s important to enjoy yourself and your significant other on Valentine’s Day. Spend time with each other doing things you both love; that may be seeing a play, going to a trendy, new restaurant or spending the day outside. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying the evening with dinner and drinks or with a movie and popcorn. Holidays like this aren’t every day, just be sure to get back into your new routine on February 15th!


In March, the American Optometric Association celebrates Save Your Vision Month. Although saving your eye health may have not been on your list of New Year’s resolutions, improving your diet by eating foods high in Vitamin A will help keep your eyes healthy too! Take it a step further, and treat yourself with a new pair of eyeglasses that have blue light filtering lenses. Afterall, you’ve stuck with your resolutions and you’re three months into 2019! Blue light filtering lenses are exceptionally helpful for people who work on a computer a lot. Whether you’re a blogger, a graphic designer or an administrative assistant, digital eye strain can be caused by the harmful light emitted by LED screens.


April offers so many ways to celebrate health and continue maintaining a positive, healthy lifestyle! With spring in full bloom, you will feel motivated again to get outdoors for a hike or a match of tennis. Get your girls involved to take control of your health and celebrate Women’s Health Care Month. There are so many ways to lead a healthier life and by getting your friends and family involved, you’ll have plenty of motivation to do a fun workout together or go to a new, healthy lunch spot!

Another great way to celebrate in April is with the American Cancer Society. This month, they offer walks and runs all over the United States. This is an opportunity to link up with your loved ones, get your daily movement in, and celebrate or remember those you know affected by cancer.

There you have it – plan to stay on top of your 2019 resolutions for the first quarter of the year! By April, you will be well on your way to hitting any health-related goals you had set for yourself and probably accomplished even more than you had set out to do. Let me know in the comments below other fun ways you plan to stay healthy this year.

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