The advancement of our life doesn’t stop from machines and invention only, but also to our technology system. Every year our web designers find ways on how to improve the website to make it user-friendly and innovative.  Now let’s take a look at what 2018 offers us:

  1. Integrated animations

Static images are out of trends.

A web designer uses small animation to interact with the user. For instance, they show users an attractive headline from a link. Sometimes they can be the focus of the link or the website. Designers used this sometimes just for fun but it goes well with communicating with your visitors.

  1. Particle experiences

A picture can tell a thousand stories how much more if it is moving? A new trend that the main purpose is to touch the character of every user. Quiet brilliant isn’t it? It is a lightweight JavaScript which enables animation to become a natural piece of the background. Without slowing the page load

  1. Customize illustrations

This kind of illustration is best for those companies whose energetic and fun. It makes your business interactive.

It is tricky and friendly because it has many elements of joy to a website. Professional designers can generate an illustration that is alike with the brands the designer advertise. No matter what business you have there is a perfect illustration that will fit it.

  1. Mobile First

The influence of technology has brought users to a more tangible device. Mobile browsing has defeated desktop. Most users are using mobile for ordering online. Its improvement doesn’t end. Its rollout burger established shrinking the menu screen to a smaller one. UX issues are easy to recognize.

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  1. Color schemes

Designers are stuck in the classic type of color schemes. It is called web-safe colors. Maybe one of the reasons why they dwell with vibrant and too clashing colors that might attract potential visitors to the site. Some may say 2018 is the year for extravagant excess colors online.

  1. Big, bold typography

Bold letters will help you keep your visitors reading your sites. Headlines are Key SEO elements. Designers will produce larger images out of creative typefaces that send emotions on its tone.

Except for Internet Explorer that cannot support typefaces which are allowed by CSS. The drift of huge letters, comparing sans serif and serif headings support build effective resemblances, develop UX and best of all, and hold the guest viewing your website.

  1. Grid Layouts

The used of asymmetrical and broken layouts was first introduced in 2017 no wonder why it goes even vague in 2018. The asymmetrical layout is bizarre, peculiar and experimental.

We assume the increased use of broken grid layouts along the web. Classic companies might still use the old style grid-based structures. Other companies might not use this kind of layout but other leading companies that have the budget for this kind of layout could possibly take a risk of this out of this world idea of their designers.

  1. Dynamic Gradients

When was the last time the gradient colored was around? Yes, they were seen in a form of complex shading to recommend (Apple and IOS were best examples). Gradient colored pictures are making a loud bang in the industry of web designing. Web designer chooses these color than those dimensional one because of its mysterious appeal that can draw the visitor to your site.

So that’s what 2018 offers us. Another progress in the world of technology. Will this trends enhance our web designer’s abilities? Learn more what are the upcoming trends in web design from these guys: Website Design Sunshine Coast

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