Planning for a vacation; whether it is a weekend getaway trip or a long adventure trip, the one thing that you can never forget to consider is booking the suitable motel accommodation that will let you cherish a pleasant and memorable stay. But, the question that arises here is why should you apparently prefer motels over the tons of options available or what are those qualities that makes it stand apart from the crowd? Read on to find out more.

What Is A Motel?

A motel is made from the combination of two words “motorist” and “hotel”, where bikers on road can park their vehicle and have a comfortable stay. Earlier, such accommodation used to have a single building that had connected rooms and their doors used to face the parking lot. However, with time motels have moved to the next level and now offer some of the finest amenities such as impressive decor, furniture, and incredible view so that you can enrich each and every moment of your stay.

The Benefits of Choosing Motels over Other Accommodation

There are several benefits of choosing motels over other accommodations, especially when you are on a road trip and some of these include:

  • Affordability: On an average, the tariff motels are often less when compared to any other form of accommodation. So when you are strict on your budget and still want to make the most of your vacation then there cannot be a better option than suitable motel accommodation. With this you can cherish a value for money stay seamlessly.
  • Types of rooms: Another major advantage of suitable motel accommodation is the different types of rooms, where you can find small size rooms for two persons and even large rooms for the entire family. This provides you the opportunity to choose the appropriate room but without spending too much for the same. Do remember, most of the motels may not come up with large rooms for their guests so it is best to discuss with them beforehand and then place your booking.

  • Safety: Most of the people think that hotels are only the safest accommodation for a traveler, however with time suitable motel accommodation have evolved to be safe & secured establishment which even have safety ratings so that you can select the best one according to it. These ratings are often given by the guests who have stayed at the motels earlier.
  • Hospitable staff: The services of suitable motel accommodation are quite personalized and this is loved by many travelers. This allows you to build friendly relationship with the owners and can be of immense help when you want to acquire information about the tourist attractions nearby and what the best mediums for exploring them are.
  • Long & Comfortable Stay: Due to their affordable price, you can stay at motels for long period of time and this would never really have a strong impact over your budget. For instance, when you have plans of exploring each and every detail of the place then you can stay there for a few more days and witness the magic that it has in store for its travelers.


Do Motels Feature Discounts For Their Guests?

Absolutely yes! Like any other form of accommodation even motels come up with seasonal deals and discounts for their customers, allowing them to save a lot on their stay. Further, there are several companies that have made their way to the online platform so that you can stay updated about their latest offers and then decide when would be the right time to place your booking for suitable motel accommodation.

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