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Just about any kind of exercise is good for you. Keeping active, and getting your cardiovascular system going provides your body with endless benefits. But to really burn fat and get is shifted quickly, there are a few exercises that work best. Fat burning is when our bodies burn fat as a fuel as opposed to carbohydrates. It’s an aerobic process where fat is decomposed with the help of oxygen. In general, more fat is burned during high-oxygen activities. So if you’re looking to shed any excess weight, here are the best exercises to dry.


Both slow jogs and high-intensity sprints are good for fat burning. Studies have shown that if you run for over ninety minutes your improve your bodies ability to burn fat as fuel. While this makes for a grueling workout, you don’t need to go for this length of time every time you run- once a week is fine. The longer you run for, the longer your metabolism stays boosted afterward. It more than doubles if you increase your running time from thirty to forty-five minutes. So trying to maintain longer workouts where possibly is beneficial. Although you will see losses quickly when incorporating any regular running into your fitness routine. When it’s so easily accessible, you’ve got to love it, even if you can’t get to the gym you can lace up your running shoes and exercise outside for free.



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Cycling can be a great aerobic workout. If you’re using a stationary bike, you can increase the resistance to get into your fat burning zone. Or if you’re using a traditional bicycle you can exercise on more hilly terrain, so it’s more challenging and you get the most out of your workout. While it won’t burn quite as many calories as running, it’s still an excellent way to get up your heart rate and give your cardiovascular system a thorough workout. Because it’s a lower impact activity, cycling can be a good way to lose weight for people who are not able to run. This could be due to things like joint or musculoskeletal issues. If you’re new to cycling, start off slow and allow your body to adapt to the new activity. Then you can go for the burn and seriously melt away any excess fat!



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Swimming is a great way to sculpt and tone just about every muscle group in your body. But it can also be great for burning fat and shedding excess weight too. Swimming laps is the most effective way to get into your fat burning zone. As a bonus, you can swim in any stroke and still get great results. So whether you’re more comfortable doing breaststroke, front crawl or even backstroke you will still burn fat. Since the water supports your body and puts no strain on joints, it’s a fantastic exercise for just about anyone. Providing they can swim of course!

Do you incorporate any of these exercises into your routine?

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