Are you starting from scratch in a new home but finding it hard to start decorating? There are so many interior design styles to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out a definitive idea of your home—especially if you aren’t even really sure what your style is. Maybe you haven’t had a space that truly felt your own, or was never given the opportunity to fully decorate and flesh out a home decor style.

The only way to figure out your design style is to try. Because there are so many options available, here are a few of the most prominent interior design styles on the scene today. Notice what you are naturally drawn to and see if any of these things sound familiar in the styles listed below. Here are some styles that may strike a chord with you and let you know what to pursue in your home decor.


This style is pretty familiar to all and is best suited for those who like to keep things simple, but still have an attractive, cohesive space. Traditional interior design can be comforting and classic,  and often include home decor that is of a more muted color palette, with pieces that have soft edges and without any singular elements that pull too much focus. If you aren’t looking to create an extravagant space and are instead looking for a content simplicity, traditional interior design is likely the style for you.


Do you have an affinity for the countryside? Rustic interior design takes much of its inspiration from barnyard and country styles, using many pieces made of reclaimed wood with noticeable imperfections. In fact, those who like this style of home decor usually think the more imperfect the better. The lived-in elements are also comforting and relaxed. You’ll want to include wood wherever you can in place of other materials, but feel free to include iron accents for a more modern twist on rustic interior design.

Mid-Century Modern

A mix of youthful and vintage inspirations, mid-century modern interior design was made popular in the 60’s and 70’s, and has seen an updated resurgence in more recent years. If you like to keep things simple and clean, but still enjoy relishing in the most stylish trends, you’ll likely find interest in mid-century modern interior design. Much of the home decor features clean lines, low height pieces, and can still incorporate the liveliness of a graphic pattern.


Industrial interior design styles are edgy and urban and is what you’d imagine an NYC loft to look like. If you’re drawn to the imperfect, this style is for you. Instead of hiding exposed materials and structures like wood or metal, industrial interior design highlights them. Exposed brick walls and wooden beams are also popular components. You can even hire interior design services to replicate these details if your space does not have any. Industrial design strays from curves and softness and is instead a bit harsher and linear.


If you’re interested in more relaxed, go with the flow kind of interior design styles, Bohemian interior design is likely right up your alley. Incorporating woven textures, mixed florals, and patterns, and a laid back, a sunny disposition is what this home decor style is all about. It can have an artistically unorganized feel about it, with many layers and textures to give a free-spirited feel. Home decor styles come in varying levels of structure, and this one is easily the most relaxed.


With sleek lines, sharp accents, and more neutral colors, this style remains pretty minimal but still striking. You’ll see a lot of glass, acrylic, and metal additions in this home decor. This can be a bit more tricky to pull off, so you may want to look into interior design services. Irene Fenollar can masterfully produce a modern interior design. Home decor styles vary, but most modern designs are sparse, with few accents reserved only for open spaces. For those that want something comfortable over visually appealing, but if you’re interested in a sleek, polished space, modern interior design is for you.


Contemporary interior design is truly of the moment, meaning the exact definition changes with time. So if you tend to keep up with trends in other avenues, you’ve likely already begun to decorate with contemporary home decor. Current contemporary design is a bit more sparse, but relies on simple lines and geometric shapes. It is still versatile and pliable, and brings a bit more warmth to a space than modern interior design. Enlist the help of interior design services to tell you what is trending right now, so that your design can be truly contemporary.

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