What To Do And What Not To Do On A Romantic Weekend Away

If you’ve got a romantic weekend away coming up, you must be really excited! You’re probably excitedly planning everything in your head, and daydreaming about what it’s going to be like. But first, you should know what to do and what not to do on a romantic weekend away. Read on to find out!

Don’t: Have Your Nose In Social Media The Whole Time

It can be tempting to share every picture and everywhere you go, but don’t. Focus on each other rather than your phone screen. It can be a hard habit to break, but you’ll feel so much closer this way. You can share the odd thing if you feel it’s worth it, but people don’t need a running commentary of your weekend. You definitely don’t need to be scrolling aimlessly while you should be spending quality time.  

Do: Relax!

Make sure you don’t fret or stress too much about what the weekend will be like, what you should take, etc. Just relax. All the good things happen when you relax. Work on deep breathing if you regularly get anxiety. It definitely helps! Of course you want the weekend to go well, and that can make anybody nervous. Especially if you feel like this is going to be a telltale sign of which direction your relationship is going in. But be sure of this: the more you worry, the more things you’ll find to worry about. It goes without saying this will stop you from having a great time. Instead, just take a deep breath and ignore those anxious thoughts. It takes practice, but it can be done!


Don’t: Pack Too Much

Packing too much for a romantic weekend away is a rookie mistake. Not only will you have too many outfit choices (you can take way too long to get ready in an evening), you’ll likely make more of a mess. You might even look high maintenance. This won’t be such a problem with a long term boyfriend, but if this is a new guy, you want to give a good impression. It’s good to show how carefree you can be.

Do: Consider Having A Little Alone Time

If you can, you could both consider a little alone time. Living in one another’s pockets can put pressure on you both. One of you might feel under too much pressure to entertain, and that’s not what you want. It all leads to stress! If there’s a gym or a pool where you’re staying, you could go for a short work out. If the one you’re with wants to do something similar, then let them. You don’t need to be together the whole time, and it can make the weekend even more exciting!


Don’t: Nag

It’s all too easy to nag while you’re away, especially if they’re throwing clothes around the room and leaving it a mess in general. Just try to pick your battles. You want this to be a nice time for you both, with lots of nice memories. You don’t need to bring everything that niggles you in the slightest up. Stay aware of what you’re saying, take a deep breath and ask yourself if it’s really important. Chances are, it won’t be.

Do: Make Yourself Feel Good

Make yourself feel good before you go on your weekend away. Have your hair and nails done. Wear some nice underwear. Buy a new outfit. The better you feel, the better time you’ll likely have. There are even ways you can delay your period if that’s something on your mind. You feel good, your partner feels good, and you both have an incredible time. Don’t rely on them to make you feel good. Get to a place where you can do that on your own, and you’ll put much less pressure on your partner. It really works!

Don’t: Send A Thank You Note Or Present

You might be filled with gratitude that you’ve had this wonderful time away when it’s all over. If you’re not official yet, you might even be tempted to send a thank you note or present. However, this is going to come across as a little needy and desperate. Say thank you when you get back. There’s no need to do this to show your gratitude. Keep an air of mystery about yourself, especially if you’re hoping to get serious soon. It’ll be much more tempting for your partner.

Above all else, have an incredible romantic weekend away and make the most of it!

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