Packing for an adventure or a trip abroad is a monumental task in itself, especially if the travel bug has recently bitten you and you have no clue about what to carry. You may consider a lot of items absolutely necessary to pack for your journey. On the contrary, a few smart choices can go a long way to help you on your adventure, can fit in your backpack, and are easier to carry. Moreover, if you have some extra space in your bag, you can shop for souvenirs on your way too.

Let us begin with a few absolute essentials for your upcoming backpacking adventure:


You need a sturdy piece of luggage that is comfortable to carry and can withstand rough handling. The size of your bag depends on how much load you can easily handle, but one within the forty to the sixty-liter range would be ideal.

Also, go for a backpack with a fitted rain-cover. You do not want all your essentials to be drenched and ruined after a downpour. Choosing the right backpack is very important because it can have a significant impact on the rest of your journey, so choose wisely.

Day bag:

A foldable day bag is the next most crucial item on this list. It comes in handy to carry around your important stuff when you go sightseeing in the area. You can go for the basic drawstring bag or invest in a more efficient, comfortable and quality bag that can fit snugly in your backpack.


Of course, you have to pack clothes, but be strategic. Pack dark colored, sweat-resistant clothing that can hide the stains easily and can last longer as compared to light tones. Instead of carrying a bulky jacket (if you are traveling to an area with unpredictable climate), embrace layering. Opt for long sleeves tees so that you can roll up the sleeves if the sun shines too bright, lightweight cardigans and fleece jacket. Cotton is your go-to fabric for a backpacking adventure.

Accessories depend mainly on your destination. Hiking shoes are perfect for all kinds of locations and terrains. Pack a scarf, water-resistant gloves and a winter cap with earflaps for cold climates. A stylish sun hat can save you from sunburn and looks great as well. LeatherSkinShop has a variety of styles. In addition, pack a pair of flip-flops as they can come in handy for a day on the beach, to wear around the dorm room or in the washrooms.


While you need to consider hygiene, toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, body wash, sunscreen, etc. can add up to become very heavy. Therefore, buy only travel size bottles required for immediate use. You can always buy more shampoo and toothpaste on the route. Store everything in a separate leak-proof leather bag, so you don’t have to dig around the endless pit for individual bottles.

Multi-pin adapter:

Each country has its own quirky socket. If you want to keep your cherished electronics charged and ready to record memories or provide entertainment, you need this adapter.

Laundry bag:

Another travel essential is the mesh laundry bag. It keeps your backpack organized, keeps your dirty laundry away from the clean clothes and prevents the dirty clothes from stinking.

Small sewing kit:

Packing a sewing kit can be the ultimate smart move. It can save you from spending extra bucks on clothes’ repair or buying new stuff to replace the destroyed goods. They are also compact and light to carry.

Pocket blanket:

Whether you need a spread to lie down on the beach, extra layering for freezing ACs or a spare sheet for a night in unanticipated circumstances, the pocket blanket will keep you covered. They are light in weight, come in waterproof variety, and are highly compact, so they do not take up too much space in your backpack.

Portable batteries:

It has become impossible to function without technology. Therefore, keep a couple of portable batteries on hand to charge your electronic gear. They are mainly handy if you are away from power for a long while during trekking, hiking or camping.


With smartphones equipped with high-quality cameras, you may not need to carry a separate camera at all. However, if you have a passion for photography, the camera comes along without question.

Reading material:

Books are a timeless companion especially if you are an avid reader. A good book will ensure that you are never alone or get bored. You can also carry a Kindle if you wish.

Travel security belt:

You will most probably be carrying all your money on you so invest in a discreet travel security belt to hide your cash. Most belts can be worn through the metal detectors, so it also saves you the hassle of removing and putting on the belt again. Amazon has a lot of great options!


A sturdy lock keeps your belongings safe, especially if you will be bunking in hostels or living in the dorm rooms. You can use them directly for your backpack or lockers provided by certain hostels. A small investment can save you from a massive loss.


Don’t forget to pack all your essential travel documents and passport in a water-resistant plastic bag. It is a good idea to carry a photocopy of your passport in your day bag when you are sightseeing. It ensures that you have identification with you in case you encounter authorities due to any reason. It is also better than carrying the original passport since in unforeseen circumstances such as mugging or losing your belongings; at least your original passport will be safe.

While the list consists of all the essentials you will need on your backpacking trip, it is not exhaustive albeit extensive. It can change according to your end destination, as you may need to add or remove items according to your preference. However, it can assist you to commence your packing and provide you with a general idea of what you require for a hassle-free, exciting adventure!


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