Finding the best car audio system may be a daunting process.  This happens if you cannot distinguish the type of car speaker that works for your car and your personal taste. Car speakers come with two basic types: the component and the coaxial (full-range). Both are commonly used for individuals who are searching for outstanding sound production in their cars.

In this car audio guide, we will provide further information about the different types of car speakers and features to look for.

Component Speakers

Component systems are made of speakers built with multiple drivers of superb design to achieve the best sound quality. For this type, all drivers are operated with the ideal frequency ranges. A component car speaker consists of tweeters, extended crossovers and woofers. Although they are separate parts, they still work together to create optimal sound quality.

Full Range or Coaxial Speakers

The full range speakers are the most popular systems for those who want to get rid of their factory speakers. They are also called coaxial speakers. They have all-in-one speaker elements including a tweeter which is for higher notes and a woofer which is meant for low bass sounds.

A component speaker has higher sound quality, but it is generally costlier than a full range type. Furthermore, it is more complex to install than the other types and it requires a crossover. On the other hand, a full range speaker is more common in a car audio system such as Xtreme Car Audio than a component speaker system. They are less expensive and easier to install than the component type. Moreover, there is no crossover required for this system.  

Other Types of Car Speakers

Aside from the two main types of speakers, there are also other main types of drivers or speakers used in a car audio system. These are the following:

1. Subwoofers – This type produces bass (lowest frequency sound) to add depth to music. Its size ranges between 8 to 15 inches.

2.  Midbass – Midbass is a versatile speaker that can produce deep sounds. Its size ranges from 6.5 to 8 inches. This serves distinct functionality in full range and component speaker systems.

3.  Midrange – This type reproduces frequencies between any audio spectrum that tweeters and midbass cannot produce with accuracy and detail. Its size ranges between 3.5 to 6.5 inches.

4. Tweeter – A tweeter reproduces superior sound frequency like high hats and cymbals. A tweeter provides details and clarity to instruments and voices. This is the smallest speaker seen in car audio systems.

There are four main features that you can look into your car audio – power handling (power in watts that the speakers can handle), swiveling or pivoting tweeters (used for more realistic and more depth sound), and external crossovers (prevent woofer and tweeter from consuming energy when reproducing unnecessary frequencies).

After learning about the types of car speakers, choosing the best type for you should be easier this time. Consult with your nearest car audio dealer for more options and details.

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