When you are picking the dressings for your house windows you are faced with the age-old question of curtains or window blinds?. Personally, I would decide on curtains for my home each and every time.

Blinds are ok for your dentist’s waiting rooms and for your workplace but for the home, curtains are the only option. They add a touch of elegance and style to any room they’re in and these days there is a wider variety to pick from than ever before.

There are a lot of reasons for choosing curtains instead of window blinds for your home. Here are some of the reasons why others choose curtains over a window blinds in their home.


It is well known that blinds attract dust like nothing else. With more and more people suffering from dust allergies and asthma trying to keep your home as clean as possible is vital especially the curtains for bedroom. It’s almost impossible to prevent window blinds attracting dust. Curtains, however, don’t attract dust and a quick hoover once a week is enough to keep them fresh.


If you’re concerned about how big your heating bill and the sum it costs you each year you will want curtains in your house. Curtains stop the heat escaping from a room and mean that you could turn your thermostat down a few notches. Blinds have virtually no insulation qualities and so they are a good way to boost your home heating bill.


Most people found curtains to be more pleasing to the eyes than blinds do. Even when they are open and not in use they still add some character to a room. Have a look at these leaf curtains and see for yourself. They definitely add character to the rooms they are used in. All window blinds are good for is stopping the light from getting in. Although they do it well they do not add anything to a room. Choosing curtains is the clever choice if you care about the looks and character of your house.

Bay Windows

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful bay window in your house don’t spoil it by putting in blinds. Installing blinds in bay windows is plain wrong and will make your home resemble an office. Instead, put up an ornate iron curtain pole and hang some wonderful curtains from that.


Blinds have a natural life expectancy which is about the same as a moth- pretty short! They often get stuck, jammed or the wire will break or any of a hundred other reasons why they go wrong. Venetian blinds particularly are famous( infamous ?) for having an overly complex and fragile mechanism that’s susceptible to breaking. Curtains really are a different matter of course. They are reliable and easy to maintain and look after.

Those are a handful of the reasons for choosing curtains. Blinds are acceptable for the office or general public buildings but anywhere else, curtains will almost always be far better. They look great with any type of decoration and suit any type of home from the ultra-modern to warm and comfortable cottages.

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