Who doesn’t love to gorge on delectable cakes? Be it a special event like birthday, anniversary or the Holi, Diwali, a cake brings a completion to the noise of fun and excitement. Generally, it is the women-folks of the home who takes the pain to bake a cake for these occasions. But on women’s day, give them some rest and don the chef’s cap and prepare a lovely women’s day cake. I have brought to you a mesmerizing platter of cakes so that you can treat your sweet girls on their special day.

Chocolate and Strawberry Heart Cake:

Girls love both chocolates and strawberry for their sweetness. Just like the nature of the women, strawberry and chocolate cake looks cute and pretty. Generally a simple chocolate cake is prepared and then a coating of strawberry cream is applied with some sprinklers as the topping. Those who love the flavor of strawberry would experience something new.

Pink Velvet cake:

Pink as a color carries the tone of calmness, peace, and beauty. When your gift is of pink color, it means that you admire and appreciate the other person truly. You must have heard of the red velvet cake, but on women’s day, you can order or bake yourself a pink velvet cake. Pink velvet is a new innovation and is made just the way a red velvet cake is made, meaning the layering of white and the colored parts. Edible pink color is mixed with the cake to derive the pale pink color. As a cake for women’s day, nothing can be better than this.

Ferrero Rocher cake:

The love of a woman for chocolate is well known and when you can get a yummy cake made with broken pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, what would you want more? Bring this cake home and make the women-folks happy.

Chocolate Mudslide Poke Cake:

This amazing cake is a perfect amalgamation of chocolate with Kahlua, Irish cream, and some vodka. Those who are not aware of Kahlua, let me explain, it is a coffee-flavored liqueur from Mexico made with rum corn syrup and vanilla beans. Why is it called a poke cake must be rising in your head? A simple chocolate cake is made first and poked with fork from top just when it is taken out of oven. Now all other things like Kahlua, Irish cream, and vodka are mixed to form a foaming mixture which is sprinkled all over the cake. Believe me, your special women are going to love this cake.

Rose cake:

Rose is one of those things that is often identified with the beauty of a woman. In many online gift stores, you would easily get a rose cake which looks glamorous. It is a bit tedious and risky to bake at home because maybe you won’t get the roses correctly the way cake artists does. So, to be on the safe side, you must order this as women’s day cake and have a rocking party.

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