Many men and women will wonder through life searching for the one. That person you are just meant to be with. Your soulmate, best friend, and the person you are besotted with all in one. It’s a lot to ask for. But the easiest thing to have. Some people find that special person earlier than others. Some wait a lifetime for them. Through sliding door moments and missed opportunities. But in the end, we all find that one person. But how do you know? How do you know your relationship is the real deal? Take a look at some of these insights and work out whether you have found the one.

Your star signs show compatibility

Star signs. You either believe in them. Or you don’t. Most people, however, will read their star signs and have a little belief in them. After all, sometimes the description of your star sign can have you spot in for your tendencies and personalities. Which is why some people take note when it comes to working out with your signs are compatible. Whether you’re worried because your match is Aries and Capricorn. Or excited because you are Scorpio and Cancer, these insights can help you work it all out. Sometimes there’s big belief that opposites attract. But there is also a belief that similar signs can work to. If you believe in the Zodiac, then this kind of thing could be an eye opener.

Similar life goals

On a more realistic front. It’s hard to move forwards with someone if you aren’t going in the same direction. Do you have similar life goals to the person you are in a relationship with? Do you both want marriage and kids one day? Or share the same passion for travel? All of which are things you can discuss early on to determine whether you have a similar path.

You can be yourself with one another

When you can be sat doing nothing with someone. Looking your worst and maybe feeling rubbish. But yet you are content and happy to be in that moment at that time; then it’s apparent you have found someone special. It’s important to be able to be yourself with someone. From your very best, to your very worst. We are all human, after all.

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You finish each others sentences

Don’t you just hate those couples that finish each other’s sentences? But on a more serious note, this is a huge indication of compatibility of a couple. Being able to finish sentences, or guess what the other’s silent thoughts are is a big indication you both work together.

Flaws have benefits

Finally, if someone can take your flaws and see the benefit. Then hold on to them. Everyone has flaws, some more than others. But the trick is to be able to see past that. Turning that flaw into a benefit, either in a situation or for you as a person.

But on top of everything else, sometimes you just know. There is no greater confirmation than that.

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