When you’re invited to a special occasion such as a wedding, probably the most significant thing you must put on is your attitude. You are there for a several of reasons, to show honor, to serve, respect, to witness the sacred vows that are going to take place.

Apart from witnessing the union of two hearts, you go to a wedding to commemorate, rejoice and have fun because it should be a grand celebration. But of course, you don’t want to go to such event as underdressed or overdressed. You must be appropriately dressed according to the occasion.

Thus, you need to plan what you’re going to wear. Read the following guidelines below!

Have a Brief Knowledge

By carefully reading the invitation often can give you a give you direct knowledge in regards to what to wear and the formality level. The decoration or style of the invitation is also one of the clues you can consider. Is it fun and colorful or sleek and formal? It pays to do some research!

Perpetrate with the Theme

Whatever the theme is, if you’re going to the wedding, it implies that it is also agreeable for you to partake along with that theme. It is a special day for the bride and groom, and you should be a part of it.

You should follow any particular directions provided by the groom and bride. Whether it is dressing up similar to the Star Wars characters or wearing a Hawaiian outfit, you need to abide and have fun!

Respect Religious and Cultural Dress Codes

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If ever a cultural element is associated with the wedding’s theme, you could wear outfits that pay homage to the culture. However, be sure that it doesn’t appear awkward and insults the culture by overdressing your outfit.

Acknowledge the Venue

If you don’t receive any instructions regarding the dress code, you can dress on what you expect from the venue. If you’re unfamiliar with the venue, you can look for it online and find some pictures. You should dress to match with the style of those people in the pictures.

Modulate your Style

You aspire to look stylish and great, but you shouldn’t outshine the groom and bride. It is their day, and you don’t need to take the attention apart from them by dragging some attention with your outfit.

Go for a Formal Choice

You should show some respect for the ceremony with your outfit. It is better to avoid casual clothing, no matter how informal the wedding is. Outfits such as t-shirts, denim, tight leggings, cargo shorts, and sweats are the items you need to avoid.

Steer Clear of Caps and Beanies

Obviously, you should not wear beanies, caps, and other kinds of inappropriate head accessories. Wearing caps and beanies indoors is commonly an indication of poor etiquette. Wedding ceremony areas should be cap-free.

However, there are also some exceptions to this matter for headwear related to religious traditions such as the Indian scarves, or Jewish kippah.

Avoid Wearing Clothing Items in Black Shade

While you unwanted to look similar to the bride on wearing a white lace dress, you also don’t want to appear like you are visiting a funeral, or grieving for someone’s death.

Black accessories are acceptable or even just a black suit or dress paired with colored shoes or accessories. Keep in mind that you must not wrap yourself in black clothing items from head to toe.

Best Outfit for The Season:

  • Choose heavy materials and deep colors for wintertime weddings. This season gives you a chance to wear dark suits and deep jewel tones. You can go for heavy material such as tweed, velvet, or wool that could keep you warm against the cold weather.
  • You should keep yourself in cool for a summer wedding with bright colors and breathable fabric. You need to focus on keeping cool at the same time adhering the ceremony’s formal expectations. The trick is to choose a piece of fabric with good ventilation.
  • You must also prepare for the uncertain fall weather. It can be tough to plan for a fall wedding considering the weather is unstable. You have to plan out and choose the best one for the week of the ceremony. Muted layers, colors, and mix and match are not a bad plan for the fall.


There are only a few things more stressful than planning and deciding on what to wear when you’re attending a wedding ceremony. Wedding guest getup can be tricky, especially if the invitation is uncertain.

If ever you’ve been invited to a wedding ceremony and aren’t sure on what to wear, always remember that the guidelines mentioned above could truly help you with your problem. If you’re still uncertain on your choice of dress, you could check reputable clothing sites such as French Connection which could provide you the ideal outfit that will suit you.

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